Dispatch by Breakout Games: On the Run, Box 2 – Game Review – May 15, 2018


Dispatch by Breakout Games – Game Subscription

On the Run – Box 2

Cost: Varies. Monthly payment options and box sets available on the website.

So, this review is based on Box 2 of a series that explores the continuing saga of your childhood friend, James, who is on the run after being accused of the murder of his wife, the heiress of a powerful family, during their honeymoon. James has been reaching out to you through a series of boxes sent to your address, which evolves the mystery. This is a pretty cool premise because while this isn’t an actual escape room, the mere method of tying in the delivery of the boxes to you starts the immersive experience.

We liked the second box as much as the first one. It required a lot of reading (like the first) and solving a lot of different clues using items in the box as well as your phones.

This one took us about 35-40 minutes, and was done by the same group of us (Mike, Jason, and our Escaptern Mark)

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