Our Friends

Below is a listing of other Escape Room reviewers and friends.

Disclaimer: Reviews on these other sites are the property of those specific reviewers and do not reflect the views of the Escape Room Guys, or the ratings that we would/may give based on our own experiences.

Escape Crusaders is an independent review site for live escape room experiences based out of Jacksonville, FL.

Just like us (the ERG), they tried one escape room and were instantly hooked, and began thinking about the process of what an escape room is… What kinds of themes could others come up with? What were their puzzles like? How did they theme their rooms? Are all escape rooms as much fun as this?

Like all types of games and experiences, they realized that not all escape rooms are created equal and can vary widely in their theming, atmosphere and puzzles. Escape Crusaders created their review site to channel their enthusiasm for escape rooms and to provide some information and perspective on their experiences to hopefully encourage others to try an escape room experience, as well.

If you’re in the Virginia/DC area and don’t know where to look for a room, fret no more. The Virginia Escape Room Directory has a large list broken down by major metro area. You’re sure to find a room using this website. Just make sure you come back here and comment on our review if we’ve already done it!

Cici and Brandon (the ESCAPETHEROOMers) are escape room fanatics from NY [Jason’s neck of the woods] who started playing escape rooms around February 2018 and now have completed well over hundreds of rooms. Their record currently is 14 rooms in 2 days (that is without any lunch or dinner breaks!)

Since they are avid travelers, their website has escape rooms in exotic locations such as New Zealand, Aruba, Japan, Australia, Bonaire, just to name a few. They also like to combine written reviews with visual YouTube videos. By providing more information up front, they hope to give their reviewers the information they need to chose the right room!


Marcell is an escape room enthusiast who got the idea for his site while trying to find rooms to escape with short notice. Finding it difficult to navigate the websites on his mobile (and not wanting to have 5 – 10 tabs open in his mobile browser, unlike ERG Jason), he created the first version of Escape Spy to crawl the major escape room companies in California. After showing it to friends, they approved and requested he expand outside of California, and then outside the U.S.