Need a One-Stop-Shop for Booking an Escape Room?

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while since we wrote a non-review-related post, but we have some news that may be useful to the escape room community! We’re here with Marcell from Escape Spy. We’d like to share with you what he’s been doing the past few months.

Marcell is an escape room enthusiast who got the idea for his site,, while trying to find rooms to escape with short notice. Finding it difficult to navigate the websites on his mobile (and not wanting to have 5 – 10 tabs open in his mobile browser), he created the first version of Escape Spy to crawl the major escape room companies in California. After showing it to friends, they approved and requested he expand outside of California, and then outside the U.S.

Marcell reached out to us for some insight on what else his site should offer as an escape-room-only search site. We provided him with our feedback on making the site more user-friendly and better organized.

Escape Spy started as a simple search for Marcell’s own booking needs. It has since morphed into a one-stop shop to help you find available escape rooms on specific days/times and in specific areas (based on city or zip code) as quickly and easily as possible. The site shows over 13,000 rooms across more than 3,000 locations, making it one of the largest, most comprehensive directories online (if not the THE largest). Dozens of scrapers power the searches for open rooms and locations, using thousands of hours of bot crawler-time a month (plus automated quality checks).

One additional feature Marcell added is an escape tracker. You establish a tracker account and add your escapes and the other members of your group. So, if you wanted to search for a room that you did with only your wife so you could recommend it to your friends, you could narrow the search on rooms you did with only your wife and then send those rooms to your friends. That’s a pretty great feature once you start getting into double- and triple-digit escape counts.

Check out the site here and let him know The Escape Room Guys sent you!

Owners, if you have a location and your information isn’t included on the site, or the information is incorrect, just email Marcell. He’s willing to work with owners to ensure that they’re included and the information on his site is accurate and useful.