Want to Add a Discount?

Are you an Escape Room owner or employee and want to provide us with a unique discount code to offer to our readers?

Consistently in the top 3 search results on Google for ‘escape room discount’ (behind paid ads and Groupon), The Escape Room Guys is your premier source for discounts ranging from 10-40% off as well as dollar amounts up to $5 off per person. We have discount codes for rooms across the nation (and even one internationally).

If you’ve come to our site and would like to have us add a discount of any sort to our list for your location, fill out the form below and someone will get back to you to confirm you are who you say you are and the code is valid.

We recommend having the discount match our initials (ERG) and then add in a number to match the percentage off per ticket (i.e. ERG15 = 15% off per ticket) or #D to match a specific dollar amount off per ticket (i.e. ERG5D = $5 off per ticket)

Enter the name of your Escape Room location
Please enter your company website.
Please enter the name of the person we should contact to confirm this request
Please enter your role at the location (i.e. Owner, Business Manager, etc.)
Please provide a phone number or email address so we may contact you to confirm legitmacy of this request
Enter the discount you want to offer. Please use this formula: ERG + ## (for a specific percentage off - i.e. ERG15 for 15% off per ticket) or ERG + #D (for a specific dollar amount off - i.e. ERG5D for $5 off per ticket)
If your discount code has an expiration date, please let us know. Discounts that do NOT expire will be given priority (so we do not have to routinely monitor the page for discounts that expire).

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