Peer into the Window of Mike’s Mind

(it probably needs a good washing)

You’re here because you hovered over the “Bios” page and then clicked “Mike,” so there really is no case of accidental misdirection. You had to hover AND click to get here, so the least you can do is read the next few paragraphs.

Mike is one of the Escape Room Guys (ERG). He likes music, having drinks with friends, traveling, sunsets, and walks on the beach.


Doesn’t EVERYONE like those things? How generic is that??! But, I digress… this isn’t a dating profile.

This page is for you to learn a little bit about me so you can understand the “Mike Says” part of all those blog posts you are reading, commenting on, and sharing with your friends (hint, hint… read, comment and share with your friends!). It’s also good to note who you may be hiring if you decide to engage the ERG consulting services.

I live in Alexandria, VA, am originally from Pennsylvania, and came to the DC area to go to college and ended up never leaving. When I was given intelligence tests as a wee lad (yes, they actually found intelligence there… so, HA!, I just headed off that snarky comment you were going to make), the results of those tests revealed that I’m a “spatial mathematician…” essentially meaning that I’m good at visualizing patterns, applying logic, and determining how objects relate to each other. Combine that with a strong work ethic, a bit of OCD and a Type A personality, and you have someone who isn’t going to give up easily and will seek to out-logic you in an argument.

So, I use these inherent skills in my professional life as a project manager (I am an Agile-trained Certified Scrum Master), in teaching my graduate level class at George Washington University, and in some of my most favorite activities: board games, video games, and escape rooms.

I’m HORRIBLY addicted to these things. They combine puzzles and logic, add in a good story, spice it up with a mission/objective, and then wrap it all in a time crunch. They really get the adrenaline going, and I’ve found that each room (no matter the rating we give it) has a uniqueness of its own… just like a snowflake.

If you need a recommendation on a room after reading a few of our posts, feel free to use the “Need a Rec” form, and we’ll provide you with some options based on what you’re looking for.

And, I may even know a few rooms where handcuffs and chains are involved if that’s your thing. 😉 (okay… so that last part may have been a little creepy).

Thanks for reading,