Are you sure you want to read this…?

Yep, that's Jason. Deal with it.

So, you’re here. My first question is: Why? (We’ll see if I have any follow-up questions.) I assume you’re here to learn a little about me, so a little you shall learn.

First and foremost, I’m from New York. (Note: NOT. NEW. JERSEY. (Though I did live there for a good number of years.) I feel it pertinent to point that out. If you ever feel like anything I say is common sense (or should be…), then now you know why. (I really need to create that test. A common sense test, that is. Bet you’d fail it.)

Second, I’m the one behind the Twitter and Instagram accounts Mike handles the Facebook updates (generally speaking) as well as LinkedIn.

Next, ah hell, no more lists. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Lived in VA between 2008 and 2019, and now live in Colorado. Back in the day (read: October 2015), I found a deal for the first escape room we tried and I’ve been hooked since. I’ve escaped rooms in AL, CA, CO, DC, IL, LA, MD, NJ, TN, TX, VA (this has been updated and alphabetized). So far, my favorites have been in CA and CO. My least favorites have been in NJ, NJ, and…NJ. Not to mention NJ and…NJ. :/

I work in IT and I’m a gamer at heart, so Escape Rooms are pretty much right up my alley (interactive, LIVE game you say? HELL YES). If you’ve been to Disney in Orlando, they used to have “Disney Quest” which was a giant frickin’ arcade with two floors of virtual reality games. It was awesome. My sister and I pretty much owned the machines in there. I’ll have to get back to the Music hotel and see if my QuickDraw record is still standing.

But I digress. What I love about these games is their ability to make you genuinely have to think on your feet. It’s not something you can be taught; it’s a natural gift. Book Smarts, meet Street Smarts. Street Smarts, you can stay; book smarts, GTFO. (We always say, if a room requires “outside knowledge”, then it’s generally not a good room. Generally.) One thing I will admit, though, is that you definitely need to have a good, diverse group of people on your team (though we’ve proven that the ERG, on our own, can escape multiple rooms). (Update: I’ve successfully escaped several on my own as well.)

So, while some people may call this an addiction, I call it an obsession and I have no intent on slowing down. Don’t bother calling me any help; I neither need nor want it (unless you’re offering to help me escape a room; then sure). What I would like, however, is boatloads of money. So, if you can make that happen, then email me. For sure. Or let’s just do an escape room together. That’s a start.