Interview with Red Door Escape Room (Plano, TX) – June 30, 2018


I (Jason) was vacationing in Texas the other weekend with my girlfriend, visiting a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years, and found that he (and his wife and kids) has never done an escape room before! (GASP!!!) Obviously this grievous offense had to be corrected.

I reached out to Red Door Escape Room in Plano to see if they had a kid-friendly room we could do and they recommended the Lost Ruins (a competitive, 6v6 room). Challenge Accepted! (Of course, I also asked if I could interview a manager or owner, hence this post.)

Had a great talk manager Christian, who was rounding out his time at the Plano location while they prep to open a new set of rooms in Ft Worth. You can see the video below.

Have you done any of the rooms at this location? What was your experience like? You can add your comments to this post.

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