Sherlocked! Book contest opens! – November 18, 2020

Hello, everyone!

The puzzle contest begins for a chance to win a free copy of Sherlocked!: The Official Escape Room Puzzle Book! See rules and restrictions below.


While traveling in London, you are suddenly approached by a dirty little street urchin. He walks up to you and mumbles that his name is Wiggins. He hands you a crumpled cream-colored scrap of paper and mumbles that “Premier word smiths have rightfully won this challenge.” Wiggins scampers off into the crowd.

You glance down at the dirty scrap of paper:

Can you solve this puzzle?



Figure out the message and email the Escape Room Guys with the correct solution by 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. This promotion is being done in partnership with our publisher, Studio Press, in the United Kingdom.

Email the Escape Room Guys here, or DM (direct message) your response through one of their social media channels where the puzzle is also posted, but please do not post the answer as a comment/response to the social media post!

Update on Nov. 19: Please include your country with your response, so we know if you have a shipping address that is eligible (if you are not in the U.S. or U.K., but would like to have it shipped to a friend or relative in one of these countries, that’s acceptable). If you have already submitted your response and did not provide this info, don’t worry. We’ll check with you if your name is drawn as one of our winners.

HINT: Having problems solving the puzzle? We hid a hint in one of the main menu pages of this website. 


  • NO SPOILERS! People who post spoilers will be disqualified from the chance to win a prize.
  • No purchase necessary to play.
  • Once the contest ends, the Escape Room Guys will sort through the correct responses and randomly select 5 winners each from the United States (where we are located) and the United Kingdom (where the publisher, Studio Press, is located).
  • Only one prize per winner.
  • We will contact winners (through email or social media post) to obtain a valid mailing address.
  • Winners must respond within 48 hours with a mailing address, or forfeit their prize.
  • A free copy of the book will be sent to the address provided.
  • No exchanges, refunds, or returns. The Escape Room Guys and Studio Press are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
  • The correct response will be posted on December 2.


Everyone may play, but due to limitations on the number of copies and shipping costs, only players in the United States and United Kingdom are eligible for the chance to win a free copy.


Thank you!

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Jason and Mike