Join the Sherlocked Puzzle Hunt – Nov. 23, 2022

Hello, everyone!

After a bit of a hiatus where we focused on designing custom rooms for corporate clients, The Escape Room Guys are back to playing rooms and solving puzzles!

We were contacted by the good folks at Sherlocked in Amsterdam about a promotion they are running over the next six weeks (Nov. 24 thru Dec. 29) where they will be releasing puzzles to promote their new room, The Alchemist. Here’s a sneak peek of the 3D rendering of the room.

a 3D rendering of Sherlocked's new room, The Alchemist

Now, we LOVE a good puzzle hunt and decided to play along, especially when there are prizes involved!

List of prizes for the Sherlocked puzzle hunt

Each week on Thursday, the puzzle will be released on their Instagram. Players who solve the puzzle must input the correct solution on Sherlocked’s contest page (you must also sign up here to take part in the contest).

After the 6 weeks are up, a final puzzle will be released and one player will win the grand prize, which is a VIP ticket to play The Alchemist, which includes a rare behind-the-scenes tour of Sherlocked’s process, AND a two-night stay at the Zoku hotel in Amsterdam.

Are you going to join us in playing? Comment below or on our social media channels, and follow us each week as we discuss the puzzles that are released!.

Here is a snapshot of the warm up puzzle, just to get you moving!

A screenshot of the warm up puzzle for the Sherlocked puzzle hunt.