Interview with Puzzah! (Denver, CO) – February 17, 2019


A few months ago, we had planned a nice long, holiday weekend out in Colorado, mostly in Colorado Springs. We’d been chatting with Ryan, the co-owner and co-founder of Puzzah!, who invited us up to check out his location in Denver. So, we took one of our days to head back North to see what Puzzah! was all about.

We elected to do their Kazam room, since we were intrigued by this option of getting to do bonus puzzles (or “buzzles” – a new term [accidentally] coined by Mike). After the room, we were able to chat in-depth with Ryan and his lead designer, Nick, as to what makes doing a room at Puzzah! a unique experience.

Additionally, they’ve offered our readers a 10% discount on tickets when using the code ERG10 when booking the rooms.

Check out the video interview below [and apologies for the audio; Jason forgot his recording equipment on this trip]:

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