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And, now to answer the question “What the hell is this?”

This is a business run by two guys (Jason and Mike) from Alexandria, VA (originally from New York, and Pennsylvania, respectively) who have developed a very unhealthy addiction to (or obsession with) Escape Rooms. What started as an innocent social activity with a group of friends snowballed into a monthly (or twice-monthly… or thrice-weekly) habit.

After telling people about the rooms and recruiting others for our “team” (Disturbed Friends), the light bulb turned on and we decided to start reviewing all of the rooms we’ve done, and offer consulting services for companies that create and run escape rooms.

Thus this blog was born…

Check out each of the pages to understand how we came up with the concept, how the reviews are scored, some tips and tricks on how to get the best experience for doing a room, and a bit more about the Escape Room Guys (ERG).

We’ve added in many tags so you can sort by the types of themes, the companies, the ERG top rated rooms, and our top rooms by ERG (Jason or Mike) by rating and by favorite room.

Now, we’d love for you to follow the blog (click follow in the right sidebar), but we understand that everyone has different tastes and kinks, so we’ve created a number of social media accounts… just so you can feel comfortable when connecting with us in way that is best for you:

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  • You like videos (not THOSE kind of videos, sicko – well, we haven’t found an escape room with THAT type of theme yet)? We have a YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

Additionally, we are available for hire in acting as mystery guests (for training new Game Masters), play testing rooms before they fully open, and to consult on theme/clue/puzzle development, or to provide an in-depth analysis of the room.


Mike and Jason

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  1. I have read the review for their new escape room and I was truly impressed by the different ideas that they had used. I have been trying to book a game art in their escape room.

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