Interview with 303 Escape (Denver, CO) – June 7, 2020


With a dear friend in town, and the quarantines lifting, we embarked on a journey through the mind of a psychopath and ventured forth to 303 Escape up in Thornton, Colorado, a Denver suburb. Having read an article on Westword, and absolutely LOVING horror themes, I felt it was my duty as an Escape Room Guy to shoot Tim an email and see what this escape room was all about. There’s currently only one room available, but the 2nd room in this horror trilogy should be ready around Halloween (how fitting!) and I CANNOT WAIT to check it out!

Additionally, if you book 7 days in advance and use code 7DAY, you’ll save 7% off your booking.

Have YOU escaped the Homicide Hotel’s Room 303?? What was your experience like? You can add your comments to this post.

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