Interview with Enter the Enigma (Colorado Springs, CO) – August 17, 2018


No trip out of state is complete without another escape room. I can remember back to the first time I (Jason) was in Colorado (once my escape room obsession began) and there were maybe 3-5 rooms in the area. Now, at least 12. It’s amazing!

The great thing is that they (almost) all have different themes or different takes on a theme. I do love a good detective-style room which is what led me to choose The Attic for Steph and I to do while vacationing in Colorado Springs. (This was also the first room she and I ever did on our own, so that was a big step for us. HAHAHA)

Big thanks to Don for getting us in the room at the last minute (we set it up a day or two prior) and for his willingness to be on camera. (And an even bigger apology for saying “Escape The Enigma” when it’s actually “ENTER The Enigma”.)

Additionally, they have a grand opening promo code of 20% (until 10/1/18) using the code ETNGS18. Furthermore, all military and first-responders always have 20% off.

Have you done any of the rooms at this location? What was your experience like? You can add your comments to this post.

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