Interview with Cville Escape Room (Charlottesville, VA) – June 23, 2018


The ERG and friends traveled to Charlottesville, VA for the weekend and, of course, did an escape room. This time, there were 6 of us, and we would need it.

We’ve been to Cville Escape Room before (we escaped Spy’s Demise for Jason’s birthday a while back), but they recently moved a few blocks away from their original space. So, not only did we get to play their newest room, we got to check out their new space (and the Wonka-vator-esque elevator out front), and talk shop with owner, Jessie.

Additionally, they now have a key wall, dubbed the “Lock & Key Club,” where once you’ve completed 4 rooms, you get a ribbon with your names written on with a small, antique key. For every additional room you complete, you get a smaller key pin added to the ribbon. Looking forward to getting ours up there. (Picture below)

Have you done any of the rooms at this location? What was your experience like? You can add your comments to this post.

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