Interview with Locked In Escapes (Colorado Springs, CO) – June 16, 2018


Part of my trip back to Colorado Springs was to get back out to Locked In Escapes, where I had previously escaped from the Shattered Kingdom. Having emailed back and forth with Ken, and expressing interest in wanting to work together, I found it necessary to come try out another room.

We went through Darkness Falls this time (review is not ready yet), which is actually the one I wanted to do when I was there last year. However, I didn’t think it was appropriate for Marco and Holly’s first escape room.

That said, we escaped (it was close), and we’re coming back for another room in August, but while I was there, Ken and Dawn sat down with me for a few minutes to answer some questions on film (aka, an interview). They were also nice enough to give us a whopping 30% discount code, ERGuys30, so go on, book a room there. You know you want to!

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